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Artificial Intelligence that enables conversation between businesses and people

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  • incoherent answers
  • few human agents
  • dissatisfied customers


Who am I talking to now?

Every company receives an enormous number of questions from many different individuals, both inside and outside of the organization: Customers, Collaborators, Partners and Suppliers

Different target groups
Sono solo una persona, non riesco a rispondere a tutti

People want an immediate and satisfactory response, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And from any digital channel: website, mobile app, social media, messaging app

Numerous requests
Cosa avrà voluto dire?

Human agents are forced to answer the same questions thousands of times, sometimes expressed incorrectly, responding only to a restricted group of users

Repetitive questions
Perchè non mi rispondono?

End users don’t always receive immediate and correct replies. Talking to different operators means they receive inconsistent and unsatisfactory information

Late replies
  • artificial intelligence
  • clear replies
  • service available 24/7
  • satisfied customers


Userbot is not just a simple chatbot, it is the first real Artificial Intelligence that automates conversations between companies and people

Userbot encompasses the most powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence technologies that we have ever developed for a product dedicated to Customer Service. Designed for humans, our proprietary and patented Artificial Intelligence manages autonomously the most repetitive questions asked by users and learns from the agents’ answers. Userbot is a professional product to all effects and purposes: it does not replace humans but instead increases their capacity. With artificial intelligence by their side, human operators can focus on the activities that really do require their involvement. The result? More satisfied customers and happier operators. With Artificial Intelligence by their side, business are able to offer users clear and precise answers, in real time. All with an unprecedented level of efficiency, and with considerably reduced costs.

It does it all on its own: you don’t believe me?

How Userbot works

The user asks a question in chat

My package hasn’t arrived yet
AI knows/doesn’t know the answer
AI has learned the answer
  • Userbot learns Userbot learns
    AI has learned the response. Next time she will answer by herself. The human agent can now take care of other tasks.
  • Userbot responds autonomously Userbot responds autonomously
    AI responds autonomously. The human agent can take care of other tasks.
Fast, simply


Optimized resources

The human Agent can focus on the most complex questions that require experience and human competence, leaving Userbot the repetitive and most frequent ones

Increase in customer satisfaction

Userbot provides correct answers in less time, improving user satisfaction

Real time assistance

The user receives a response in real time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Top level quality

Userbot provides better answers, reduces the workload of human agents and learns from their responses over time

Simple and fast


Discover the numbers of our AI

Userbot AI vs human agents

Our AI that learns from Humans

Userbot is growing rapidly!

After just 5 weeks of use of the product in CRM by our first customers, our AI increased its knowledge base continuously, reducing human operator workload by around 35%

Conversations (%)
Artificial Intelligence for companies of all sizes

Who is Userbot for?

Startups and SMEs

Software as a Service

Large Companies

Tailored solutions

The People behind Userbot

Artificial Intelligence made by humans, for humans

We have made great strides

We are growing up

Since the establishment of our company, we have moved pretty fast and obtained numerous awards. Our technologies, our innovative approach to Customer Service, the perseverance and resourcefulness of the whole Team are a unique combination to achieve other ambitious goals.

Userbot competitors

Our competitors

There is no one as Userbot. Thanks to proprietary and patented Artificial Intelligence technology, Userbot is designed to offer a simple but at the same time performing experience. Here are its characteristics in comparison with the Competitors

All the information to invest

Our economic and financial data

  • Market in millions of dollars

    Source: Statista, AI market revenue worldwide. 2017 - 2025

    The artificial intelligence market is among those with the highest annual growth. The market is estimated at $ 59.7 billion by 2025, with an average annual growth of 52%

  • Results (€)

    We have all the numbers. Discover the performances

    On the profit side, we expect growing profitability over 5 years. How? Thanks to the positive trend in revenues and using a leaner and more efficient operating cost structure

  • Number of Saas customers

    A unique service. For all types of Customers

    For Userbot, a technology is really useful only if everyone can use it. The 2019-2023 Plan aims to significantly increase the number of Customers who use our service

  • Turnover (€)

    More than satisfactory results

    In just one year, we expect to double our turnover, characterized by a positive growth trend over time. In 2020 we expect a result equal to 133% more than in 2019

Who has already believed in us

Over one million investments already raised by more than 300 shareholders


march 2018

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july 2018

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february 2019


september 2019

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Numerous awards. One big project

The prizes we have already won

Digita Academy Platinum Partner logo

Digita Academy Platinum Partner

April 5, 2019Digital Academy with Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II” + Deloitte Italia

Politecnico di Bari logo

Userbot Recruitment Day

5 aprile 2019Politecnico di Bari

Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II” logo

Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”

15 marzo 2019 DEMI with Nexen of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA group

Milano Digital Week logo

Milano Digital Week

15 marzo 2019Fintech District with Oval Money and Musement

SDA Bocconi School logo

SDA Bocconi School

27 febbraio 2019Egea with Amazon Web Services for the workshop “Creare valore con il Natural Language Processing e le tecnologie AI”

SwitchPitch logo

SwitchPitch and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini

21 febbraio 2019Milano LUISS Hub with IBM, BPER Banca, Bridgestone and Ansaldo Energia

Osservatorio dell’Associazione Bancaria Italiana on Digital Marketing e Comunicazione Integrata logo

Osservatorio dell’Associazione Bancaria Italiana on Digital Marketing e Comunicazione Integrata

7 febbraio 2019Fintech District with Teads and WeAreSocial



4 dicembre 2018BASE Milano with la Repubblica, H-Farm and EY

BeReady2Fly logo


20 novembre Borsa Italiana with Università Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano

Premio Gaetano Marzotto logo

Premio Gaetano Marzotto 2018

22 novembre 2018MAXXI Roma

BHeroes logo


21 novembre 2018Talent Garden with Intesa Sanpaolo, Boost Heroes, Endeavor and Cariplo Factory

Premio Imprenditore dell’Anno EY logo

Premio Imprenditore dell’Anno EY

20 novembre 2018Borsa Italiana

Evento Grow it Up


20 novembre 2018Cariplo Factory with Microsoft

Futureland logo


16 novembre 2018Talent Garden with Agos

Confcommercio with Fondazione COTEC logo

Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione nei Servizi

8 novembre 2018Confcommercio with Fondazione COTEC

Salone dei Pagamenti logo

Salone dei Pagamenti

7 novembre 2018MiCo Milano Convention Centre with Associazione Bancaria Italiana

Premio Speciale Marzotto logo

Premio Speciale Marzotto

6 novembreLa Triennale di Milano with Premio Marzotto

Radio Popolare logo

Radio Popolare

6 novembre 2018

StartupGrind Rimini logo

StartupGrind Rimini

12 ottobre 2018Nuove Idee Nuove Imprese

Ecommerce Hub logo

Ecommerce Hub

5 ottobre 2018

Speed Innovation CIO

Speed Innovation for CIO

2 ottobre 2018Nuove Idee Nuove Imprese

Heroes logo

Heroes meet in Maratea 2018

20-22 settembre 2018

AGID logo


18 settembre 2018Copernico ClubHouse Barberini with Task Force AI

Polihub logo


10 settembre 2018Politecnico di Milano in Polihub

Campus Party logo

Campus Party

21 luglio 2018Fiera Milano with Polihub

RD Management Conference logo

R&D Management Conference

3 luglio 2018Politecnico di Milano

VentureUp logo


June 26, 2018Il Sole 24 Ore with AIFI, Fondo Italiano d’Investimento, Gruppo Cassa depositi e prestiti, Invitalia Ventures, BonelliErede and KPMG Italy

Customer eXperience Now logo

Customer eXperience Now 2018

20 giugno 2018Fondazione AEM with Agos

Polihub Logo

Osservatorio Artificial Intelligence e Machine Learning del Politecnico di Milano

12 giugno 2018Prysmian Group with PoliHub

Istituto Europeo di Design logo

Istituto Europeo di Design

24 aprile 2018IED Milan to the FasterMinds project

Intesa Sanpaolo logo

Scuola dei Capi

13 aprile 2018Swiss Corner with Oval Money

Digital Academy Logo

Digital Academy

4 marzo 2018Digita Academy with Deloitte, Confindustria, Unione Industriali Napoli, Unioncamere Campania, Città della Scienza

Paris Fintech Forum Logo

Paris Fintech Forum

30-31 gennaio 2018with Agos and Credit Agricole

Heroes logo

Heroes meet in Maratea 2017

19 settembre 2017

We have been on the stage at some of the biggest events

On the cutting edge

Userbot makes news!

Copertina Capital Settembre-Ottobre 2017

Capital, September-October 2017

Copertina Millionaire, Aprile 2018

Millionaire, April 2018

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